Saturday, December 20, 2008

12/29/08 - Ommaya Nickname

On Thursday, 12/18, I was playing Santa Claus again. I stopped by my Radiation Oncologist's office to drop off a petri disk filled with the stuffed neurons, and some more medical items. They did like the neurons... Anyhow, I showed one of his nurses (Linda) the surgery from my Ommaya Reservoir. She had seen them before , and proceeded to call it my "Easy®" button. Well, it is dome-shaped...

"That was easy..."

For anyone that might not know, the office supply store StaplesĀ® created the "Easy ButtonĀ®"a few years ago as an advertising device, and they still use it today. In fact, you can still buy one for $5.00. Just press it, presumably something magical happens, and then it declares, "That was easy..."


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