Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08 - MU - Ommaya Surgery Unwrapped

I had my Ommaya Reservoir surgery last Tuesday. On Saturday (11/29), I was told (previously) to remove the bandage. No wonder my head hurt... I was didn't expect to see such an extensive wound. I'm going to try to post it's picture in a way that it's hidden from people that may be more squeamish, but it's really not that bad.

Ommaya Reservoir (click to show unbandaged view)

So now I will describe it. Again, not that bad, but don't read this further if you don't want to. The incision to implant the Ommaya Reservoir was "C" shaped. It is held closed by 15 staples. I was surprised to see dried blood on the incision and staples. I guess I thought it would be cleaner...

Today (Sunday), I can wash it!


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