Tuesday, June 12, 2007

06/07/07 - Recumbent Tricycle

The recumbent tricycle came in a day later than I expected, on Thursday, June 7th. It was pushed back a day due to my test drive. I test drove a blue model and I wanted a red one, which the bike shop (Sun West Cyclery) had to order.
I rode the tricycle home (about 1.5 miles), and then took it for a 5.5 mile evening ride along with Laura on her bicycle. I know the distance because I installed a handlebar mount for a portable GPS. The recumbent goes well and is very comfortable. I tend to liken it to a car...

The tricycle was by far the most expensive bicycle that I ever bought, but it should be a good thing. I will get Physical Therapy, Cardiovascular and Muscular exercise. Plus, I can't yet ride a two-wheeled bike or drive my car. The trike will be my only transportation for a while...

Recumbent Tricycle Specs :
  • 21 Speeds

  • Single Wheel Drive

  • Caliper Brake on Front Wheel (Lockable for Parking)

  • Disc Brake on One of the Rear Wheels

  • Single Basket in the Rear (For Miscellaneous Items)

  • Large, Comfortable Seat

  • She's Mostly Red and Black


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