Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/23/09 - Bike Ride

Posted 12/31 - still December! Still 2009! Along came Wednesday, 12/23, no one was available to take me to the store. So, I decided to ride my "hog" (recumbent trike). It was fairly cold for here, likely the mid 50s, and I put on layers of clothes to combat it.

Me on the "hog," dressed warmly. Why are there tropical plants in the background?

I first rode up to Walmart, to get a present for Laura (hoping they still had one in stock). I had seen it just the day before, but I was with Laura, and I didn't want her to see it... I bought it and left. By the time I was leaving Walmart (only about 5 minutes) I was hot, so I shed my outer heavy fleece layer.

My GPS route

Next, I rode down to Starbucks to get another item for my father's girl friend, Karen. I purchased the item I had in mind. Walmart and Starbucks are visible as the two rightmost points on my "journey" as captured by my GPS. The entire track was about 8.25 miles.

In the picture of my hog far above, you can see the relatively small basket behind the seat. I managed to cram Laura's gift in there with my heavy fleece, and Karen's gift - magical! Luckily, Laura's gift was a highly compactable sock monkey, although he was about four foot tall! For anyone that doesn't know, she collects sock monkeys...

Oh, I almost forgot. The very next day, Laura came home from work all excited because a coworker had bought her a giant sock monkey - from Walmart, of course! I wasn't wasn't quick enough to put a good face on. Anyhow, she opened my gift on Christmas day, and now we have "twins." She won't give up either one...

Sock Monkey triplets

The day after Christmas, we got a third matching monkey that Laura had bought for a coworker on Ebay... He had a place to go, or we would have "triplets," as shown above.


Anonymous Anonymous said... I glad I held off....I wanted to get you guys a wedding present and saw two items: a sock monkey (from Wal=Mart), and a Sockmonkey in a jack-in-the-box (at Cracker Barrell)....!!!

I saw the "jack-in-the-box" under your tree picture, and then "triplets" sitting on the couch. Guess I better look for something more unique somewhere....soooo, your wedding present will be a little

Come to think of it, I'm sure I haven't begun to see the REAL and ENTIRE collection/family at your house! hmmmm...gotta think on that one!

In the meantime, enjoy your "family" of sockmonkeys.....

Love you guys,

Mary & Bill Gregory and the Clan

1/01/2010 8:18 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


The ENTIRE collection is very large! I'll have to get Big Monkey to post several photos...


1/02/2010 2:10 PM  

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