Monday, December 01, 2008

12/01/08 - MU - MRIs Self-Diagnosis

I stayed overnight after my Ommaya Reservoir implantation. Since I was already in the hospital, I had MRIs done the morning after the surgery. As always, I was able to request a copy of these MRIs on CD-ROM. I haven't heard what any doctors have to say yet, but here is my self-diagnosis, along with the new scans.

MRIs of spinal tumor (Click to enlarge)

My scans from 9/09/08 clearly show the tumor in my spinal cord. The ones done last week on 11/26/08 only show a few remnants. It appears that the radiation treatments did their job and "zapped" it. Hopefully, my doctors will say the same...

I mentioned in my post titled "10/01/08..." that there may be another brain tumor. My doctors had varying opinions about the area, and it was not treated during Radiation. In the same area now, there is an anomaly on my MRI. I'm going to point this out to them (if they miss it), and ask them what they think it is. Anyhow, here are the MRI scans of it...

Potential Brain Tumor? (Click to enlarge)

Since processing these images, and as a result looking at them more closely, I do have more concern about this area...

Another thing... Why are the MRIs shown in groups of two images side-by-side? One image is with contrast, the other is without. "Contrast" is actually a drug that is administered intravenously, and then similar MRI images are taken again. Contrast sometimes helps the doctors see things better. The images above show the scan with contrast on the left. To see if an MRI has a contrast agent, the scan itself will say C: MAGNEVIST.


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