Saturday, July 28, 2007

07/28/07 - Platelet Transfusion II

I had my platelet transfusion today. The photo below is from my cellphone. I should have brought my good camera, because the usually full infusion center was practically empty today and I could have taken more photos.

I won't know the result of this transfusion until Monday-Wednesday as although they were able to check my bloodcounts before and after my last transfusion, this time no "labs" were scheduled. Instead, I will have my blood drawn locally on Monday.

The Photo shows an "IV Pump" putting a unit of platelets into my chest. The platelet bag is out of the frame. In my chest, I have a port implanted surgically. The port is just below my skin, it is accessed via an IV running to a large needle which is stuck into it. The port then has a tube that runs into my sub-clavicle vein.

Medical personnel only use the port if there are a lot of fluids to be administered (chemotherapy, transfusions, etc.), otherwise they use my arm. The port is more convenient to use, and the chemotherapy drugs can damage the veins in your arms. Yes, I can feel the port beneath my skin, but I can't usually feel fluids going in (unless they're cold).

I also had some benadryl administered, because the last time I received platelets, my eyelids swelled up, especially my right one. The benadryl seemed to make a difference and keep the swelling down, but not entirely away. The transfusion went well, and I was only at the hospital about 2 hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!!

You're looking pretty good in that pic! Of course, that green chair leaves alot to be desired!!

Still praying for you, sweetie, that your blood count is okay for you to head to Pittsburgh! Mom is heading up there around the 24th to visit with Lu. Maybe your trip will overlap somewhat to say hi.

Keep up the spirits...and always maintain a faithful outlook. And.....KEEP LOOKING GREAT!

God be with you and Laura.

Mary & Bill Gregory

7/31/2007 7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see you both. Want to hear all about your high tech recumbent. It puts our Treks to shame! If your schedule permits, would love to plan a get together. Then, you can meet Karl's new cousin. Molly is our new puppy; she thinks a cat and definitely needs an attitude adjustment. Hope to see you soon. Take care -- lots of love. Lu & Gene

7/31/2007 8:57 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Lu & Gene,

I also hope to see you in Pittsburgh. There's still an outside chance that I won't make it, but it would take a lot... I will send you an Email.


8/08/2007 7:44 AM  

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