Friday, July 27, 2007

07/27/07 - Platelets Low 1

I kind of thought that I would have to undergo a transfusion on this 8 week cycle because I had to last time. Well, I have to go tomorrow at 11AM to have some platelets (clotting enablers) tranfused. I just found this out at about 3PM EST.

The strangest thing to me is I just had my bloodcounts checked Tuesday, and my platelets were at 39. This morning, I had my counts checked again and my platelets were 12. I'm surprised how fast they dropped. The last time I had a platelet transfusion, my count was at 7 immediately beforehand. They had wanted me to come in by 6PM tonight, but I couldn't make that.

My white blood cell count (immune system defense) is down also, so they want me to take antibiotics until they reach a more acceptable level. Luckily, I have some antibiotics left over from last time.

Different components of blood, like different chemo drugs, have to be given at varying rates. The platelets are much faster (about an hour per "unit") than the red blood cells (2+ hours per unit). I don't need RBC's at this time, so the transfusion will hopefully be over sooner than last time.

I'm supposed to extra careful that I don't get cut or bruised, or exposed to other people while my counts are down. I just hope it doesn't interfere with my planned Pittsburgh trip...


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