Thursday, March 13, 2008

03/13/08 - Medical Update

I received chemotherapy last Saturday, and I am just starting to feel well enough to do some things and get around. For some reason, my body reacted worse than normal to the treatment. I think it was due to some of the drugs interacting negatively, because that seemed to be the only thing that was different than before...

I have had a lot of medical appointments in the last week also. A lot of checking of my blood counts. My potassium was high, which looks like it was a false reading. My most-often checked counts are still low, but that's become "normal." For a yet unknown reason, my liver counts have been abnormally high. I have been getting special tests to see why my liver counts are high, but nothing has panned-out so far.

For now, I feel a lot better than I did the last few days. Hopefully, things will improve from this point forward...


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