Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10/23/07 - Doctor Visit

I got back late on Monday from Pittsburgh. Then Laura and I ended up spending 7AM until 3PM on Tuesday at the hospital.

As a reminder, every eight weeks I have my blood counts checked, followed by an MRI of my head, and finally a review of the previous two tests by my doctor. If the tests are good, I should receive chemotherapy. This time, the tests came out good for the most part, and then we came home.

I was concerned because it was the first time I was on a "drug holiday" so I didn't know what to expect. Because of the "holiday," I haven't received chemo since July 10th. My MRI was clear, which was very good. On the other hand, my platelet count was still too low to receive more chemo. They must use some powerful drugs and/or my body must not like them to still have low counts after 16 weeks!

Now I'm having my counts checked once per week until my platelets come up, and then my next chemo treatment will be scheduled. Also, my counts might be improved by some drugs that must be injected 24 hours after chemo. The only counts that can be effected by these injections are my white blood cells and my red blood cells. Unfortunately, there is no drug to improve my platelets...

My oncologist's assistant also said that some of my liver counts were high, but these were most likely due to taking Zocor for high cholesterol. Potential resolution - take Niacin instead of Zocor. I see my PCP tomorrow (10/30/07) morning to have my counts and cholesterol checked. I'll have to provide an update to my future chemo status...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


With the last two news postings (10/22 & 10/23), we're assuming you must have taken a quick trip to Pgh prior to your recent doctor visit.

End result - you sounded like you enjoyed this trip, and you seem acceptable of your latest news from the doctor regarding your health.

Will wait patiently until you are able to explain in full detail. Our prayers are still fervent in your recovery from this entire ordeal....God bless you and Laura.

Much love,
Mary & Bill Gregory and families

10/25/2007 8:49 AM  

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