Monday, August 06, 2007

08/06/07 - Neck Mullet Gone

Well, I'm not very used to long hair. The neck mullet was also mostly "wispy neck hair" which was a pain. It was just there, doing whatever it wanted to do.

I had my haircut today and I had the neck mullet shaved. It had been growing for about 4 months and it wasn't making progress fast enough. So, it's gone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm sure you're tired of the transfusions, but always remember that it is being done for healing purposes!!

As for the Neck Mullet -- didn't like it anyway! ha ha

BIg prayers for you and Laura as you plan your trip. I have great faith that all will go well with your transfusions/blood count so that it will make it happen for you both! Have a great time!

Take care, keep us posted, and thanks for sharing all your news.

Much love,
Mary & Bill Gregory

8/08/2007 7:44 AM  

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