Sunday, March 28, 2010

03/23/10 - MRIs, Dr. Check-up, Avastin 2.11

Posted 3/28. This appointment including commutes and dinner out took about 12 hours last Tuesday. The MRI of my thoracic spine showed significant growth of my T5/T6 tumor (formally referred to as my T4/T5 tumor, but T5/T6 is more accurate, all names according to my doctors). The growth can obviously be seen in the image below.

T5/T6 Tumor, older MRI on the left, newest MRI on right

Note that I did have an MRI taken on 02/25, but it was virtually the same as the MRIs from 01/26, so I chose to compare the images from the 01/26 MRIs because they are easier to work with... Really, the T5/6 tumor had significant growth spurt from 02/25 to 03/23. Avastin was stopped because it was supposed to stop or limit this growth, and it failed in this case. Too bad, as it had no negative side effects on me, :(.

T12 Tumors, older MRI on the left, newest MRI on right

In the past month, the tumors located at my T12 vertebrae also grew slightly, as shown in the image above. Also, the latest written report mentioned a "lesion" at my L4 vertebrae, shown below. I'm not exactly sure what "lesion" refers to in this medical description, but it appears to be much less significant than a tumor. It may be why I have been experiencing lower back pain the past few months (L4=Lumbar4). It's either the lesion, or my paranoia... :)

L4 lesion, older MRI on the left, newest MRI on right

My doctors at Moffitt did express some urgency about the MRI results, and called my radiation oncologist who set up an appointment for the next afternoon (last Wednesday). Radiation treatment was always a back-up plan if Avastin stopped showing positive results.

The usual dinner spot when we are at Moffitt late...

After Moffitt, Laura and I ate at Jason's. I ate 7 ice cream cones. They are small, and I had bigger things to worry about than fat and calories... :)


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