Friday, February 26, 2010

02/26/10 - Like Father, Like Son

Er... Umm... Cat.

My cat, Karl, had surgery on Monday to remove some "stones" from his bladder. He came home Tuesday and paced between his water and his litter box for a few days, but he appears to be beyond that phase now, and thankfully quickly improving!

A mad boy laying on the floor, showing his partially-shaved belly

Laura held him tonight while I took a picture of his stitches (they are blue). She definitely risked scratching and biting, because he usually doesn't like to be held, even when he is healthy.

Laura holding Karl to expose his stitches, doesn't he look happy?

He had this surgery in the past. On that occasion, he removed his own stitches after a few days, apparently having fun casually flicking them across the room with his mouth. I taught him well...


Blogger Big Monkey said...

That's a momma's boy! :)

2/27/2010 7:49 PM  

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