Friday, January 29, 2010

01/28/10 - Radiation Oncologist Visit

As the title says, I visited my radiation oncologist yesterday. He's a very,very smart man (not that my other doctors aren't), and he always seems to calm me down and give me more hope. Note that I said "more" hope, as I'm still hoping to defeat this terrible disease!

His plan is to check my tumor via MRI in a month to see what it does - shrink, grow, whatever. In the meantime, I will contact him immediately if I experience ANY physical changes (I think most likely with my walking, which is already not "normal". If I do have any changes, I assume that he would radiate my spine as soon as he could.

Why not radiate my spine now? He doesn't want to do it unless it's absolutely necessary for fear of injuring it. There's only so much radiation parts of someone's body can tolerate, and it's basically unknown (e.g. some people can take a lot, whereas some people get injured on a relatively small dose of radiation). At least, that is my understanding of it...

In the meantime, I will continue receiving Avastin every two weeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This report sounds logical.....meaning waiting until after the next MRI, as well as continuing with the regular chemo.....doctors seem to know best here WITHOUT over doing it.

You just stay positive-minded, and continue your laughter in life. Just read the other day that the more one laughs, the better the body is! Releases some form of "something" into the system that is excellent for the body's system. Gosh, I wish I could remember details on what I read these days.

Love to all....and thanks for continuing your blog posting.

Mary, Bill and The Gregory Clan

1/29/2010 8:29 PM  
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