Wednesday, August 26, 2009

08/26/09 - Quick Update - the past month...

The last month (or so) was full of a lot of surprises for me. Radiation #3 ended on 7/14. I went to Moffitt on 8/4 to get some tests done. Via MRI's, they discovered that the two tumors that were targeted by radiation #3 were destroyed. Unfortunately, the MRI did lead them to find a new tumor on my spine. On Thursday, 8/6, I saw my radiation oncologist and he discussed the new tumor with doctors at Moffitt.

There game plane - since the tumor is small and I just got done with a radiation treatment, they gave me time "off" and are going to image the new tumor the first week of September. My estimate is I will likely get more radiation followed by more chemotherapy...

Having a month of, I decided to go to Pittsburgh. I bought the plane ticket on 8/9 for travel 8/13 - 8/20 (I was amazed it was still affordable - short notice 'n all). Thanks to all the people I saw, those that drove me around, or gave me a place to stay. I have been recovering on past visits, but it was worse on this one (mainly more sleepiness).

I got home late last Thursday evening from the Pittsburgh trip. The following day my former employer had a "Family Day." Long story short, I went. I'm glad I did as it was nice to see former coworkers and see what they were working on.

Hopefully I will elaborate on these subject in the near future,


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Thanks again for coming up Mark. Rico.

Will shoot out some pictures.


9/02/2009 8:56 PM  
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