Saturday, June 13, 2009

04/28/09 - Intrathecal Chemotherapy #7

Posted 6/13. Way back on April 28th, I had Intrathecal Chemotherapy #7 successfully performed. Yes, I have not posted since then. I have had a lot of other events and "projects," and my blogging seems to be the first item to lose priority... Anyhow, here is my post from that event, and I hope to get more information up here soon.

Of course, Intrathecal #7 was delayed about a week, I had posted about that before. It was basically another week to help my body recover more from treatment #6, since I basically had three hospital admissions during March. When Intrathecal Chemotherapy #7 was finally administered, I'm glad to say it was a fairly insignificant event (hindsight being 20/20).

Here is a photo of my Neuro-Oncologist Physician administering Intrathecal #7. Once again, it is a fairly simple process (if you have the proper skills), shave the area of my scalp immediately above my Ommaya Reservoir, clean it, put in a needle, extract some CerebroSpinal Fluid (CSF), inject the intrathecal drug, and remove the needle.

Intrathecal Chemo #7 being injected

Once the Doctor administered Intrathecal #7, we talked a little bit. He is going to leave Moffitt for what should be a better opportunity at a hospital in Orlando. He has been fore warning us for months... Orlando is about 2 hours away, so we may visit him in the future, but Moffitt will certainly remain my principal hospital for treatment. At about an hour, it is far enough away... Seriously, best of luck to my previous Doctor (he's now in Orlando).

As part of a "proper send off," he did take advantage of holding Big Monkey, and having his photo taken with him. Of course, unbeknownst to him, Big Monkey did explore the entire doctor's office while we were waiting... Yes, more than one of the drugs that I take as part of my treatment makes me kind of crazy, but Big Monkey is real...

Dr. Chowdhary, Big Monkey, and me

When we were done at Moffitt, Laura and I again went to Jason's Deli. We have a "usual" order now. The Ranchero Wrap. Grilled chicken, cheese, jalapeno and bell peppers in a wrap with chips and salsa on the side.

A good sign...

Besides there ice cream cones, I also like their mini-corn muffins. I'll usually eat a few of them before I embark on my main mission of eating 4+ ice cream cones. I can't remember exactly, but I probably had 5 'cones that night. Hey, they're small...

Corn Muffins need to be sampled as well...


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