Tuesday, April 28, 2009

04/21/09 - Jason's Deli

Posted 4/28. Jason's Deli . Very good food. There may be one near you. You can eat fairly healthy choices. In fact, when we went there last week, they were displaying some type of award on our table claiming that they were one of the top ten healthiest restaurants you could attend. (In the photo below you can see a reflection in one of the doors of me taking it.)

Outside Jason's Deli

They also have a salad bar. Thing is, some items are free to the regular patrons. I especially like their mini corn muffins. I'm also addicted to their soft-serve ice cream cones. They aren't special, but I usually eat at least 5. Yum!

Ice Cream Cone #6 from last week

We will likely go there for dinner after my chemo treatment today.


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