Monday, April 27, 2009

04/21/09 - Intrathecal Chemo #7 - Delayed

Posted 4/27/09. I was scheduled to receive my seventh intrathecal chemotherapy dose last Tuesday/ 4/21. My Neuro-Oncologist gave me the option to delay it for two weeks, given my recent issues. I chose to delay it a week.

Why a week? Well, my COBRA health insurance will run out on April 30th - two days after my rescheduled intrathecal chemo tomorrow (the 28th). After that, I may be in a state of "health insurance limbo" and it's definitely enough risk that I don't want medical expenses during that time. Besides my COBRA health insurance, I also have Medicare Parts A and B, so I will at least have those two as a back-up plan. I'm trying to get on Laura's medical insurance, which is likely my best option for coverage.

Medicare is a different kind of animal. If it becomes my only health care, I will likely have difficulty obtaining a Supplemental (Medigap) plan. That is a type of plan that picks up a lot of other medical expenses that parts A and B do not cover. Unfortunately, it caters to those that are 65+ (I'm disabled), supposedly people diagnosed with cancer over the past TWO years (I was re-diagnosed in September 08) aren't entitled to Supplemental coverage, and having more than 2 hospital admissions recently (I've had 3 admissions in last month or so). There are some questionable loopholes to get Supplemental coverage, but they are uncertainties that I don't want to risk. I will also need to get a Part D plan to cover prescription drug expenses.

Whether I'm able to get on Laura's plan, or I'm faced with selecting extra Medicare plans, I will keep Medicare Parts A and B. I do have to pay for part B, which some may consider to be extraneous, but once you have it, it can be difficult or impossible to reinstate if you cancel it.


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