Friday, March 28, 2008

03/28/08 - Separated at Birth?

In the picture below, there are two photos of me and one photo of a gift that Laura got me this past Easter. Can you tell which is which? The present Laura got me is labeled "BOBO." He is like a chia head. When Bobo grew some grass, Laura and I thought about these pictures of me when I started to go bald from radiation and chemotherapy in late November, 2006. I haven't posted them before because that was during my "silent" period when I didn't post...

Bobo and I, click for a larger view

During that time, my hair would come out in clumps, you could just grab a bunch and pull it out. Suffice it to say, my hair was sparse (I ended up shaving my head bald 12/2/06, because I felt the sparse look didn't suit me, and my hair wasn't falling out fast enough).

Separated at birth?

When my hair was sparse, my dad said I looked like a "baby orangutan." I jokingly told that to my radiation oncologist, to which he replied, "A baby orangutan would be confused by how you look." As far as I could tell, he wasn't joking.

In the picture of my face above, you can't tell how thin my hair was, which is why I show the back of my head. I have a better view, but it doesn't fit in as well with Bobo or the baby orangutan. Yeah, for a few days I was the stereotypical follicley-challenged guy with a goatee. Then I shaved...

A side note - I do like all kinds of monkeys and apes. A quick way to tell them apart is that monkeys have tails and apes don't. Therefore, chimps (which Bobo appears to be - although he is just a head) and orangutans are actually apes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was confused as to who was who..........until you mentioned the goatee.

Good thing the Kojak look is in anyway!!

3/30/2008 9:22 PM  

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