Saturday, November 03, 2007

11/03/07 - Hospital Visit(s)

I saw my PCP last Tuesday (10/30/07) and they drew blood and checked some other things. My platelets had come up from 90,000 to 132,000 (I won't venture to guess why, that seems like a big increase to me - 47%). My platelets had to only be at 100,000 to receive more chemo (to knock my counts down again! - not for nothing, the whole reason for chemotherapy is to treat my disease, and hopefully obliterate it, :o). My PCP then faxed the results to Moffitt, and I then scheduled chemo.

I received my chemo (one chemo drug is taken orally (14 pills! not a problem, but I feel like I'm OD'ing!) as well as 2 anti-nausea pills, the other chemo drug is given intravenously as well as steroids (20mg), and some saline) today at 9:30AM. The chemo doesn't seem to effect me immediately, seemingly because my body is more accustomed to it. After receiving chemo, I was feeling good enough to catch the Penn State game with our local alumni club (PSU won). I'm surprised that the chemo hasn't hit me yet...

Once it does hit, the chemo usually knocks me down for about a week, during which I take the anti-nausea pills every 8hrs. I haven't been nauseous, I would imagine because I take the anti-nausea drugs as a preventative. I have chemo effects after the first week, except they usually haven't been as bad.

Oh I almost forgot. Tomorrow, I have to go to Moffitt for an injection of Neulasta that is supposed to boost my white blood cell count. This injection must be given about 24 hrs after my chemo is done. There are 4 injections that I'm supposed to receive to improve my red blood cell count, but I don't recall that drug name right now. I think its 4 doses are injections received weekly for month, but I don't recall that either. My platelet count, which has been low, supposedly can't be helped by a drug or diet. Who knows where it will be...

Other than the medical update above, I feel fine (although I expect the chemo to kick in soon), and everything else is good. Oh, my cholesterol is high even though I try to be very healthy (with exercise and diet). My high cholesterol appears to be genetic (although I have more questions for my PCP when I'm supposed to see him in two weeks). I have been taking Zocor for more than a year, but my liver enzymes have been high, so my oncologist said I should stop taking Zocor. I'll most likely have to take some other cholesterol drug, although I feel like eating as little bad cholesterol as I can, and more good cholesterol, and see if that extreme diet helps...

Who knows... I just get mad because I tried to be very healthy in the first place...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear about the platelet count increase, Mark!

Scott Wilson

11/04/2007 1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have enjoyed your last few stories and happenings. Glad you made it to Pittsburgh, and I think you finally won against your compresser!!

The latest doctor/test results seem positive, also. In regards to your zocar prescription, I could not take that and refused to take anything for the cholest. Thus I went the natural route and take "red yeast rice" which I get at GNC. After 6 months, my count dropped 60 points. See if your doctor will let you try that instead.

Know your dad is probably arrived in Florida or at least on his way down. If you guys don't have any plans for Thanksgiving, you know everyone is WELCOME to join us. We are also inviting Joey, and he's coming. My mom will be here too, so let me know if you all would like to join us. I totally understand if you don't want to travel if you're not feeling well, but always know the invite is OPEN.

Take care....beat that old chemo treatment with faith and positive thinking....(yeah, tell you that when the nausa kicks in, huh).

Love to you all....prayers continue as always,
Mary & Bill Gregory & families

11/05/2007 10:06 PM  

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