Sunday, June 13, 2010

06/03/10 - Radiation 5.3

Posted 6/13 - I'll rate myself "poor" on this post for being slow... Radiation 5.3 was typical, but two of the Radiation Therapists(RTs) did take a little extra time to take a few photos of the process. Anyone hat knows me knows that I love photos, I especially like to post them on my blog to help break up seemingly monotonous text and help to better explain things. The following photos were all taken by RT Lynn, with impromptu "model" Chief RT Andrea.

Me on radiation treatment table

(Above) Me positioned physically on the treatment table by lining up lasers with my tattoos by the RTs. Note that this is actually one step beyond alignment as the table is raised to align with the radiation machine.

Me on treatment table, Andrea in background

Once raised to treatment height, the table is pretty high, as it becomes apparent with this view of Andrea in the background. Of course it does lower to load/unload me.

Andrea controlling the radiation machine

Andrea controlling the radiation machine, just outside of the treatment room. There is a heavy, foot-thick door that closes when the therapists leave the room to protect them from any stray radiation. I'm still in the room. Maybe that's why I glow at night... :) Actually, I don't glow, but I wonder if a sensitive Geiger counter would detect any radiation when held to my spine? Laura has probably asked in the past if it has a "Tazer" setting...

Video of me in radiation room

This video is used to track if anything goes wrong during treatment - if I start moving around or dancing, whatever. Apparently, it is closed circuit TV. Unfortunately, it is not piped to the local TV station.

Thanks again to Lynn and Andrea, for creating these photos!


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