Tuesday, June 01, 2010

05/25/10 - Radiation Oncologist Visit

Posted 6/1/10. Today, I visited my radiation oncologist to find out his strategy on treating the "ugly" portion of my MRI from 5/20/10. Unfortunately, he can't just set off a "nuclear bomb" at the base of my spine to take care everything at once, :(. Treating all of the "bad" areas would be too much radiation for me at once.

My "L4 Lesion" amongst other tumors...

My radiation oncologist is going to focus on treating my L4 lesion right now, for two main reasons. First. the L4 lesion is pretty much an anatomically isolated structure, it is one vertebra of my spine, physically separated from other features (for example treating tumors on/in my spinal cord, would involve at least two items, my tumors and my spinal cord).

The second reason for treating the L4 area of my spine first is that it will likely end the lower-back pain that I have been experiencing for several months now. We'll see how it goes...


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