Sunday, May 09, 2010

05/06/10 - Radiation Follow-Up

Posted 5/9/10. I met my Radiation Oncologist last Thursday for a follow-up appointment. My last dose of radiation was performed on 4/15/10 (3 weeks ago), and radiation treatment will still have effects EASILY one month out. Hence the appointment...

I will get an MRI of my brain and full spine in about two weeks from now on May 20th, that will show a lot more details of what has occurred over the last several weeks. In the past, my tumors have been eliminated by radiation, and I will hopefully have the same results this time.

The follow-up was mainly to see if I had on-going, bad, new, or stronger side effects. I still have lower back pain, and (realizing a lot of people experience it), I'm not sure if it's "normal" or due to my tumors. My Radiation Oncologist suggested that he will likely radiate lower on my spine, where three (plus?) smaller "not as critical" tumors currently exist. I agreed with him to not perform this treatment until MRI results are back...

T12 3(?)Tumors, older MRI on the left, newest MRI on the right (click to enlarge)

Basically, it is difficult for me to detect gradual changes for my body, so everything seems to be status quo at this point until I receive the MRI results on the 20th.


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