Saturday, June 20, 2009

06/06/09 - Palm Harbor Festival

Posted on 6/20 - back to the "delayed" posts (you can easily tell the delay if the "posted" date is substantially greater than the date in the entry title - for example, it's 6/20-6/6=14 days here)! Remember that on Friday, June 5th, the Tumor Board at Moffitt Cancer Center had determined that I had a Spinal Cord Tumor AND a Brain Tumor. This indicated a spread of cancer that was not good news... So, here is what Laura and I did the following evening, 6/6, which was a Saturday.

A local "historic downtown" area was having their annual Parrot Head (Jimmy Buffet's Fan Club) Festival. The "downtown" area of Palm Harbor is only about 1.5 miles from our house. We ended-up going there to forget about a couple of things...

First, we had dinner at the Thirsty Marlin restaurant. My special was awesome, and Laura's meal was good also. Big Monkey tagged along...

Big Monkey and Laura

While we were waiting for our food to come, Laura took a picture of Big Monkey demonstrating how he would dominate a hammer-head shark.

Big Monkey dominating a shark

After dinner, we walked around the festival. There were a few little art booths, and I purchased some items. There were a lot of people at the festival. I was having a hard time negotiating the crowds, so we left shortly after browsing the art.

Palm Harbor Parrot Head Festival

All in all, it was a nice evening...


Blogger willis said...

Dominating, huh? sure! That's a hammerhead, right. Reminds me of KL and Hoda.

6/20/2009 3:23 PM  

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