Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/16/08 - MU - Leg Numbess #2

I had mentioned before that my left leg was numb. Actually, I just looked back, and it has been 36 days since I last spoke about the numbness... Wow! My PCP thought it might be sciatica and prescribed a course of steroids. Well, they didn't improve anything.

At this point all other suspicions are out. The most likely cause IS the tumor. Indeed, the numbness has gotten worse in my left leg and spread to my right leg. This numbness may or may not decrease with my radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The affects of leg numbness on me? Both of my feet and my hands (to a lesser extent) were already numb from a side effect of chemotherapy called Peripheral Neuropathy (PN). My sense of balance was also lacking because of my brain surgery two years ago. So I already did not walk that "great." With the numbness in both of my legs, on top of the PN, my walking has worsened. Kind of like walking on wooden stilts, or being like a pirate with two peg legs... I do well most of the time, but the stability just isn't there...

Hopefully, it will get better and not worse at this point.

10/16/08 - Quick MU - Treatments

I've gotten 9 of 22 radiation treatments. As I have said before, the treatments don't hurt, and they only take about 10 minutes once my name is called (i.e. not including the wait, which usually is not long anyhow).

I updated my blood count plot at the link to the right. My platelets are at 88,000 and the doctors wanted to see 100,000 before they did a spinal tap... Luckily, the need for that tap has been negated by the future implantation of my Ommaya Reservoir, which will likely be in late November or early December. For now, my blood counts are just being watched. Radiation is not expected to effect them (much), as the treatment is only effecting a small area of bone. If my whole spine were being irradiated (as initially intended) then my 'counts would be more affected as bone marrow creates the cells that make up my 'counts.

I still need to post detailed updates about several quick updates, but rest-assured they will happen...