Friday, February 22, 2008

02/22/08 - Calendar

I have added a calendar that lists my medical appointments between my "Previous Posts" and "Archives" on the right side of my blog. It sticks out like a sore thumb now, because the colors are bright compared to the rest of my blog. Hopefully, I can fix this so it blends in better.
Also, it cuts appointments off since there's only so much room. If you click on an appointment, a description is supposed to appear in a bubble, but it is also cut off. I'll try to fix that also. The calendar tool is a "prototype" from Google, so my hands may be tied for now, but I am exploring my options.

Since the appointments are currently cut off, here are some definitions of them:
Blood - An appointment to have my blood counts checked
PCP - An appointment with my Primary Care Physician (PCP)
Moffitt - An appointment with Moffitt (doctors, chemo, TX's, injections)
Chemo - An appointment to receive chemotherapy
TX - A transfusion appointment, either Pla(telets) or RB(C) (Red Blood Cells)
Inj - An appointment to have a booster injection at Moffitt (RB or WB)
Of course, these definitions are only for those readers that are curious. The main intent of my calendar is to show when I have a medical appointment, which currently seems to be often...

02/22/08 - Medical Update

Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. I've been in the "low blood count" part of the cycle where I get my counts checked twice per week and receive treatments to raise them. Again, they go low because of my chemotherapy treatment, which attacks my counts as well as the tumor it is supposed to shrink or totally remove. Most of my counts are currently rising, which is good.

I will go for an appointment at Moffitt next Tuesday. This is my 8 week doctor appointment, where they give me an MRI and check my blood counts before my doctor reviews them. The reports have been positive so far and they will hopefully be clear next week. I'm supposed to receive chemotherapy a week after this appointment, but this can slide if my blood counts aren't up to par.