Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10/01/08 - Quick MU - Moffitt Visit

We just got back from Moffitt Cancer Center. I had an appointment with my brain surgeon to discuss implanting the Ommaya Reservoir, which should happen just after radiation. I didn't see my normal doctor, as his flight was delayed. Anyhow, the doctor I did see discussed the Reservoir and said that my MRI (from 9/9/08) showed a small brain tumor, besides the spinal cord tumor that I already knew about. What? Brain tumor?

So, according to the MRIs and some of my doctors, I now have two tumors - one small brain tumor, and the one on my spine. News to me. I was also (and still am) shocked that my doctors didn't seem to be in "sync" about this newly found brain tumor. I was scheduled to start receiving radiation therapy at 11AM this Monday. I'd imagine that this plan would change considering my new diagnosis...

As far as treatment goes, I'm almost back to square one until my doctors are able to discuss the latest finding.


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