Tuesday, January 08, 2008

01/08/08 - Generic & Medical Update

I haven't updated because I've been busy with the holiday season, or so I'd like to think. The usual, decorating, shopping, entertaining (I think)...

I received chemotherapy last Saturday (1/5/08). This was my sixth of eight scheduled treatments. It's supposed to be every eight weeks, but it can definitely slide. I see my doctors before I receive chemo, and they give a "green light" once they have reviewed my blood counts and an MRI of my head. This appointment was last Thursday (1/3/08).

My health is fine (at least as good as it was before), and the holidays went well, although I'm glad they're over (most people probably are). Onward to the "roller coaster ride" of checking my blood counts...


Blogger That Software Guy said...

Three quarters of the way done! Hang tough; you're almost there.


1/09/2008 6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark...

There's really something to say about your comments, updates, and humor: FANTASTIC! Along with your positive attitude, your chemo and transfusion treatments are coming along great! What a guy!

Yeah, the bruises don't look good, but I would hate to pass on my "scratches and bruises" even without treatments -- they look worse than yours! As for the broken toes, I experienced that just 3 weeks ago myself. Dumb bed got in my way! I'd say you did pretty well with just a broken toe after your sudden blackout! It could have been worse!

Needless to say, sweetie, we are constantly praying for you and keeping you close to our hearts. Your progressive health upates are so encouraging to us and know God is keeping you on the right track for healing and good health.

JUST KEEP UP THE GREAT ATTITUDE as well as forwarding your progress to us.

Love to you and all,
Mary & Bill Gregory

1/10/2008 9:23 AM  

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