Thursday, May 10, 2007

05/10/07 - Oncology Appt

Surprisingly, yesterday's appointments had us home by 1:00PM. I skipped seeing my surgeon at the Oncologist's suggestion because he said we would have heard the same thing after waiting what amounted to a few more hours.

An MRI of my head was clear. I still don't know how they can see "everything," but I won't argue with good news. I am very happy that during Phase 2 of treatment, an MRI of my head is done every 8 weeks.

I'm going to have bloodwork done next Tuesday at my Primary Care Physician's (PCP's) office because it is closer. My counts from yesterday's visit weren't high enough to receive chemo. This happened the last time I received chemo as well. If my counts are good enough, we'll try to schedule my chemo next week. Hopefully, that will be the case so my schedule won't slide.

My Oncologist felt that the sore throat wouldn't be a problem. He also felt that my Peripheral Neuropathy was still bad enough (and it can cause permanent damage) that he still doesn't want to administer the Vincristine when I get my chemo. For me, this means 1 week of chemo instead of three.

So, there's mostly good news to report at this time. That's I'm going to post for now...

Monday, May 07, 2007

05/07/07 - General Update

I will see my Oncologist this Wednesday the 9th, and find out what my next treatments will be. Per the Phase 2 listing below, I already know what is planned (3 weeks of chemo followed by 5 weeks of "rest"), but my Oncologist will fine-tune my treatment plan when I see him. Wednesday's schedule will be bloodwork, an MRI of my head, an appointment with my Oncologist, and an appointment with my Surgeon.

I feel better the further I get from chemo treatments, so I should be "peaking" now. I don't know what the Oncologist will do because I still have some side-effects (peripheral neuropathy) of the Vincristine and I've had a sore throat the last few days. The sore throat is my bigger concern because my immune system is "compromised." Laura just got over being sick for the third time since last October (not like her), but this is the first time that I've been "sick." I'll have to give an update once Wednesday passes.

One of the things I did over the past few weeks is sort through my (digital) photos. I have a LOT of photos to post. Anyhow, I finally just organized them and backed them up. You can see two of these photos in the two posts immediately below, which I have updated.