Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Treatment Phase 1 - Chemotherapy

Phase 1 of treatment was a combination of chemo once a week and radiation every business day for 7 weeks. Phase 1 of chemo started on November 8th and ended on December 19th and I had 4 weeks off before starting Phase 2.

My chemotherapy initially consisted of 2g of Vincristine per week. My oncologist reduced this dose to 1g about 2-3 weeks after my first dose due to Peripheral Neuropathy (see Treatment - Phase 2 for a description of PN).

On a day that I received chemo, I first had to do bloodwork and if my counts were OK then I would recieve my dose of Vincristine. My bloodcounts were always fine during Phase 1 of Treatment.

Vincristine's main effect seemed to be Peripheral Neuropathy. It effected my bloodcounts, but it was hard to tell since I received Radiation at the same time.

Updated 4/16/07


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