Monday, October 23, 2006

Symptoms - Eyes

The last post was pretty disgusting, but a fact of operations that may very well be overlooked, it was a stressful episode for me for me, so I had to write about it.

So on to cleaner updates, not necessarily brighter ones. It has been very difficult to type my blog, even more so from my cell phone which was the only tool I had the previous 15 days. I attempted to enter the first paragraph of the last update at least 20 times. Most of the time, I found myself monotonously starting over. On my final try, I got something like "Hallejuhah" with body of "Fi." Satisfied with that and realizing an entire update was impossible I gave up. I didn't entirely give up as I decided to save the entire thing to paper. I think it was done in about 3 sheets of scribble that was not my own - and about three hours.

Some side effects. My handwriting is terrible and is not my own. I used to have many different "fonts" from 'draft' to 'presentable.' If I tried really hard, and got close to the paper, I could approach presentable. And if I ever need something that is udecodable, I just have to pull out the 'draft' font. Now, if I could only find the key then I might be able to decipher it myself...

And don't think QWERTY has made it easier. Typing is a chore, I'm sure it has lot to do with the one symptom that causes my left eye to see a different image than my right eye. Double-vision. I'm partial to Parallax. So, it's an annoying side effect. My right and left eyes two different images - and they are very different. Put a tray if food in front of me, remove my eye patch (right) and let the mayhem begin.

Now try to type (I'm not a touch-typist) and really let the fun begin... I come up with words that Miriam Webster never heard of. You don't even know where these words come from even if you watch the keys you press - several times.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night on hidden snacks, walkers, wheelchairs, rehab exercizes, medulloblastomas, balance, radiation treatment, chemo, and more. I'll try to post some of embarassing photos that have been captured.

10/24/06 sorry, too tired to update...
10/25/06 broken record... Couldn't get on-line...
10/26/06 broken record... They switched some of my drugs and I think I was up all night...
10/27/06 I may be in here anytime, it's 1:25AM. Should only have to meet with radio-doctor this morning and update later. Already know that first-course of radiation\chemo will be very aggressive, but nothing I can do but be zapped...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mark & all,

We certainly are happy to see you sense of humor is in order...the double (or distorted) vision will hopefully subside soon. All in all, we were pleased to see a new update, even though it was frustrating for you in accomplishing it. Congrats on earnest effort!

We look forward to getting future progress reports and definitely your quick wit included.

Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you during your recovery.

The Gregory Clan from Florida, Utah and California!

10/23/2006 10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see you posting again buddy. Keep em coming!

10/23/2006 11:21 PM  
Blogger C2C Coaster Lil said...


Gene and I are so glad to hear that you are making progress. I betcha you learn touch typing real fast!

I sort of know what you are talking about when describing your double vision. I was diagnosed with it many years ago -- the result of a fall I had when I was three. You see, your dad thought it would be fun to blindfold me to see if I could find my way around the house. I sure did -- right into the corner of a baseboard. Nasty gash to my left eye with muscle damage. Little known fact in the Suter family, but true. I remember wearing a black patch over my right eye to get the injured one in working order. Sort of helped but still must wear glasses -- seeing cars in the wrong places is not a good thing!

We look forward to your updates. The Jopa story is great! Now I know you are a solid member of the Penn State "cult".

Our continued prayers are with you and Laura.

From the 'burg --

Lu and Gene

10/23/2006 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're still smiling. We are hopeful that the chemo/radiation therapy will knock out what's left of the disease. Thanks for keeping us updated.

ScottW from Nielsen

10/24/2006 7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't care whether the blog entries are witty, accurate, or complete. It's just such a relief to see current entries from you! Few of us at Nielsen ever stop thinking about you and praying for you. Hey, maybe your "weird" handwriting is actually channeling some cool entity! LOL.

Anne Marie H from Nielsen

10/25/2006 2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mark & Laura,

The Gregory Clan is hoping things go well for you during these upcoming weeks. Know it will definitely "zap" you like you described, but never forget you are constantly in our prayers!!!

We'll keep checking with family for updates if there are none on these pages, so rest your mind about any of this.

In the meantime, you stay strong mentally and the physical will come back in due time. You have great tenacity, so we have no doubt you'll come through all of this!

Call if you need us,

Love from the Gregorys in Florida, Utah, and California

10/29/2006 7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would like to second Anne Marie's comments. Those of us from Nielsen think of you daily and mentally send our support.


11/07/2006 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, it's great to see your communications. Just some friendly advice... I wouldn't post any pictures that are TOO embarrassing - you know we'll use them against you later, when you least expect it!

We think of you often. Take care!

11/08/2006 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

auntie Nelda,
Dear Mark and Laura,
Glad to see you're trying to keep everyone up-dated. All of you are in our prayers. Granpma Josie said she prays for you every night. Mark keep up your spirits and keep us up-dated. Love To All
Aunt Nelda

11/17/2006 12:18 AM  

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