Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 9/25 AM Update

Went to bed at 2:04AM, woke up at 3:24AM, cheated Ground Hog day, but still didn't get a lot of sleep. It's 5:31AM now and I'm just waiting for Laura to get up. I hope she sleeps in to get her rest. I'm fine.

It could make me crazy, but I've been creating my final "to do" list. It has been a decent experience, but I still have to take many breaks from it (I haven't been). I may need to have Laura make me stop on a regular basis for "nappy time" or I'll chug through everything.

I will probably publish the "to do" list later. There are very few items that I really need to address. Many of them are trivial, some are not, but they can all wait due to all of our other preparations. We're positioned well for tomorrow's surgery. Plus, I actually have a decent amount of time today aside from the 5 hours of tests at Moffitt, which I look forward too. I do hope they admit me, which effectively gives me a little more time and will give me more peace and subsequently more rest.

So everything is looking good. The blog may or may not be active, but will probably lean toward the latter.


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