Monday, September 25, 2006


Although I have high speed internet access, my Email can ONLY receive. I had some thought of shutting Email down completely because I didn't want my inbox to overflow if I were unable to retrieve messages for sometime. After just reading some of the inspiring messages from today, I prefer to open Email back up.

Please note that I am completely unable to respond due to limitations with my ISP. And in all likelihood I will still focus more on the blog, but you are welcome to send Email directly. The only constraint that would help is to not include any capacity-robbing attachments. Once my inbox reaches 10MB on my ISP mail server, it will begin rejecting messages. I tried to incease the capacity, but Brighthouse "couldn't."

I will actually have Email at, but not prior to surgery unless I bust a spring tonight... Not out of the realm of possibility...

I know, blog, blog, blog. A broken record, but my hands are tied...


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