Wednesday, February 10, 2010

02/09/10 - Avastin 2.8

Posted 2/10. Well, this dose of Avastin was uneventful, again. That's good! I did experience several new items (non-medical!) both good and not so good...

The end of my Avastin treatment

I wanted to send the above picture via facebook, Email, and/or blog post - while I was still receiving the Avastin. Of course, that didn't happen because of the following "complications."
1. Moffitt's free wi-fi was not working properly, so I didn't have internet access.
2. It was difficult to take the picture, load it on the laptop, edit it (resize), upload it to a site, and add text in a time-constrained period (Avastin delivery takes about 1/2 hour). End result, I was able to just take a picture!
3. I am sure I lost focus...
4. When I first started my blog (September 2006), I could EASILY post pictures and text to my blog, via my cell phone. I have to admit that cellular technology makes it MUCH easier to accomplish this task - what was I thinking? (I was thinking that the laptop had much more horsepower than a cell phone, and it should be easy...)

Another bad thing, we were at Moffitt about 4 1/2 hours for procedures that took less than 45 minutes to complete. Of course, waiting is nothing new, patients and/or their families are just forced to put up with it...