Friday, January 15, 2010

01/14/10 - Avastin 2.6

Posted 1/15. My 6th dose of Avastin, again uneventful. This part of the post has become like a broken record (which is good - uneventful), but I'd like to post about each Avastin delivery, which will occur every 2 weeks while I'm on it.

Me immediately after Avastin 2.6 was delivered

In two weeks (1/26), I will receive another dose of Avastin, as I mentioned, but I will also have MRIs and meet with my doctors to see how my tumor has been reacting to Avastin, and if there is any spread of the disease (i.e. new tumors). Oh, my 7th dose of Avastin will depend on my doctor's update from the previous MRIs and a blood test given that morning.

My next visit will be a big one, seeing results of my on-going treatments. Hopefully, they will be good! I will likely be at Moffitt all day, but I am used to that by now, and it is not really a factor...