Tuesday, March 30, 2010

03/25/10 - Radiation Simulation

Posted 03/30. I received a Radiation Simulation last Thursday, 3/25. It is basically a series of CT ("cat") Scans to align external markings on my body with my internal anatomy. It is necessary to accurately position my body for upcoming radiation treatments.

A CT scan, notice the lasers to align my body...(click for larger view)

The above is a photo of my first CT scan during this Simulation.

The same CT Scan, viewed from the other side of the scanner

I liked the different perspective that the above photo offered. From the "back" of the CT scanner, showing me in the "tube."

Preliminary reference markings on my skin

The radiologist(?) told me to grip the end of the CT scanner table to better position my body for treatments. Then, reference points were temporarily marked on my skin. One on my back and one near each lower armpit area. I'm assuming that these marks line up with the aforementioned laser beams.

A closer view of one of my side reference marks

Two reasons for calling them temporary marks. First, although it is doubtful, they may still be moved. Second these pen marks will be permanently tattooed to my body when finalized (likely today when I go to my first radiation treatment at 2:00). The tattoos are very small, only involve some ink and a small pin-prick, and end up looking like a tiny, blue mole. I already have several on my back and chest from previous treatments.

Thanks to Lynn, who did a great job of taking the photos! I hope to post later today about my first radiation treatment!


Blogger Jo said...

the photos are helpful to see all that you are dealing with and going through. brian's dad still has his blue radiation marks from when he had hodgkins disease in his 30s. you are right about them looking mole - ish.

5/13/2010 8:08 AM  

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