Saturday, October 24, 2009

10/07/09 - Chemo 2.7, MRI

Posted 10/25. On Wednesday, 10/07, I had MRIs of my brain and spine. It showed that the avastin (the drug meant to decrease my blood vessel growth) did cause my spinal tumor to decrease in size.

MRI of smaller tumor

My doctor also gave me my intrathecal chemotherapy. The chemo delivery went well, but I told my doctor I was having nose bleeds...

10/05/09 - Chemo 2.6

Posted 10/24. On Monday, 10/5, I received my 2.6th dose of methotrexate intrathecal chemotherapy. There was not a problem with it.

10/01/05 - Chemo 2.5

Posted 10/24. On Thursday,10/01/09 I receive intrathecal dose 2.5. The drug delivery went fine.

09/29/09, Chemo 2.4, Drug

Posted 10/24. Tuesday, 9/29/09, I received my chemo dose #2.4, and my drug dose #2 to prevent blood vessel growth. There was no problem with either.

Friday, October 23, 2009

09/21/09 - Fever, Flu?

Posted 10/23. On 9/21, I was running a temperature. Laura took me to a clinic, and their test indicated that it was not the flu. The next day, my PCP gave me a prescription to an antibiotic. The antibiotic was a 5 day supply. That 5 day supply somehow made my temperature come down to normal. I don't why because I was taking antibiotics, not antivirals.

Anyhow, by the time my normal inthrathecal chemo and drug administration the following week, on 9/29, I was deemed ready to receive it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

09/18/09 - Engagement Ring

Posted 10/22/09. Laura and I have been dating an embarassingly long time, which I'm sure I prolonged. I'm sure she wanted to make our relationship official a long time ago. Our first date was 05/11/96. Wow! Yeah, being the photo person, I do have a photo of it.

Our first date

So, I have no car and I do not to go to any stores to avoid exposing myself to swine flu, of which I'm a member of the "do not expose yourself group." So, I set out to make a ring. There's an abandoned house down the street from myself where I "borrowed" some pieces of bamboo.

Local bamboo patch

Next I sawed it and sanded it until it was the size of her finger. I did a little experimenting, and it worked pretty well. Too bad I don't have the where with all to finish my shed/workshop "man cave", I might be able to go into production...

Preparation of the ring

Oh, I almost forgot the crystal. It was one of Big Monkey's earrings. (We replaced them after I gave her the ring.) It worked very well!

The bamboo ring

We went down to the Crystal Beach pier, and she accepted the ring. It was a total surprise, accept I had asked for her parents' permission.

Oh yes, a few days later, Laura went to the store and used a bit of plastic to purchase a proper ring...

The REAL ring

10/22/09 - Broken Record

I haven't posted for a while because I got sick and my treatments have been making me very drowsy and caused me to easily bleed. Most of this is taken care of, but a new treatment plan has to be put in place. We'll have to see what comes up...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

09/17/09 - Intrathecal 2.3

Short post. Uneventful methotrexate intrathecal chemotherapy. Went well...