Monday, September 29, 2008

09/29/08 - Blog Updates and Changes...

Medical Updates will have more specific titles, according to there topic. This is mainly for the previous post list to the right, so you can select a more specific article, not just "Medical Update," or "Medical Update #x. Also, Medical Update may be abbreviated "MU" for longer topics.

In general, new postings can take a long time to create, especially if they are detailed and have photos or links to other websites. They can easily take hours... To get news out on a more timely basis, I may summarize things in "Quick Medical Updates (Quick MUs), but most Quick MUs will be followed up by a detailed MU, if necessary.

On comments. They are very appreciated, even if I don't reply. My reply may also take a little while, but comments are usually read quickly as I receive an Email when one is left. So, please comment when you can...


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