Friday, September 07, 2007

09/06/07 - Update

I had blood extracted on Wednesday and my counts have finally come back up to more "normal" levels. I'm not scheduled to receive any chemo until around October 30th. I may do it earlier, if my doctors think it is wise. Since they suggested my current drug holiday, they won't change the date much.

In the meantime, my counts should continue to come up as the chemo drugs are not there to hinder them. I should be feeling well until the next time I receive chemo, which is great!

08/03/07 - Mini-Vacation

Laura and I got away for a one-day "mini-vacation." It wasn't much, but we got a near (about 3 blocks) waterfront hotel room in Indian Rocks Beach. Sunday, we went to the beach and I went in and under saltwater for the first time in over a year... It was very nice.

Below is the path we took. It was 48 miles round-trip. No, I didn't take my tricycle; we took Laura's car. As you can see, we took the beach front route home. This may seem ridiculous to a lot of people, considering we only live about 1/2 mile from the water, but it was nice to get away.

Normally, I would have been receiving chemo about the same time I dove in the Gulf on Sunday, but my counts have been low, and as I said in an earlier post, my doctors suggested a "drug holiday." With Labor Day fast approaching, hotel reservations seemed like a partial replacement for my Pittsburgh trip that had to be cancelled.