Friday, June 29, 2007

06/29/07 - Other News

When my bloodcounts were low, I wasn't supposed to do much of anything. This was for multiple reasons, mainly my risks of not clotting (platelets) and getting a cold or infection (white blood cells) were significantly higher.

I did ride my recumbent tricycle a few times when my counts were up. I was warned not to ride my tricycle, but I feel the paved trail I usually ride it on is relatively safe.

I also was visited by my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Jim from Pittsburgh. They stayed at a nearby hotel June 19th through the 27th, so I feel their "germ" impact was substantially less. We did eat out a lot, but my counts were on the rise.

06/29/07 - Bloodcounts

Since the transfusion, I've been having my bloodcounts checked every Monday and Thursday. So, I've had them checked 6 times since I last posted an update. My red blood cells and my platelets continued to climb from the transfusion, but my white blood cells dropped, so I have been taking a daily antibiotic. I can't receive chemo unless my neutrophil count (a type of white blood cell) is at or above 1500, which was almost a problem the last two times I received chemo. This time, it dipped to 460 according to one of the samples.

I just got results from yesterday's bloodwork, and I'm happy to say that all of my levels jumped so I should still receive my chemo on July 10th. My neutrophils are up to 2117, my platelets are at 169, and my hemoglobin (what the Doctor uses instead of RBC's, prior to my transfusion my hemoglobin was 8.4) is at 11. That is, unless the lab tested someone else's blood yesterday... I had thought my chemo schedule would slide, but I think I was wrong again...

I should see my Doctor after I have my bloodcounts checked again and I have an MRI of my head on July 3rd. I'll have to update then.