Sunday, September 24, 2006

Quick Update...

I am a little concerned about how exhausted I was when I fell asleep last night. My surgeon told Laura about a condition called a "waking coma" where I could just fade in and out of consciousness, but I didn't have the opportunity to ask him how critical it was to track this. Seems like it would be, so now we are tracking all sleep and periods of rest and strictly enforcing rest periods.

I am trying to do a lot of things, but I became concerned last night how quickly the exhaustion hit and I was practically delirious and unable to perform what I consider to be a simple task, order a product on the internet. Once again, I ordered the first item, and I was talking to Scott on the phone at the same time, and I was thinking about a third task, so I was still multi-tasking, but I couldn't complete the task. I also wanted to send a quick Email to George to let him know that I wanted to call him today to get some of his expertise on my new network.

This morning when Laura woke up (about 6:30AM of course I had been blogging for almost 5 hours into Groundhog Day), I remembered the difficulty I had trying to send an Email to George, the memory seemed kind of faint, but I did remember. I remember struggling with composing the message and sending it. I wondered if I was even able to send it, if I made any sense at all, or if I may have sent George and inbox full of drooling messages. :b...


NOTE: If any of my doctors happen to be checking this blog and my symptoms are of concern, please post to this blog or call me.


Well, I checked my sent mail, and much to my surprise, the message went out once and it was surprising coherent, plus it gave me a time stamp for when I fell asleep:

Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 12:17 AM
Subject: Re: More Tech Advice


Do you think you might be available sometime Sunday for a phone consult regarding my network? I got the equipment you spec'd.


So messing with all of this technology does have some other hidden benefits, but I have to cut back. And Email will go way down, too.

Long story short, I decided to start tracking all activities so we can make sure I get as much rest as possible. I am logging all sleep, computer activity, or "awake rest." I need to think of a different name for that last one, because it will be me wide awake and staring at the wall. When I won't be able to sleep, I will just lay there motionless to rest my body. I don't know if it's an effective approach to rest, but my only other alternative is to mess with some project and those turn ugly quick, especially once I get hopped-up on my upcoming increased steroid regimen. I wish I could use the energy to get more things done, but at least I realize it's negative to my health.

Speaking of that, I'm overdue for my Subway turkey sub. You should all know what I'm eating and when. My current monotonous food schedule works, it appeals to me for whatever reason, and it makes me happy. You can eat whatever you want and I'll do the same and be happy.

Oh, and now I have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on in the living room round the corner and the Steeler game playing over Sirius satellite radio in here. Talk about sensory overload. I'm going to leave it on until my dad shows up just to show him how annoying it is. We'll probably watch the Bucs and check the Steeler's score from time to time. I have to be pretty bored to listen to a game on the radio.

No, that was too much. Sorry, Steelers you have to go. Wish you were televised locally...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to start using the code word that Mark himself came up with for appropriate moments - chill pill. CHILL PILL... CHILL PILL... CHILL PILL! If I start using it, I won't stop and it will lose its meaning.

9/24/2006 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is it open on Sundays?" - I LOVE that Billy! - Laura

9/25/2006 7:15 AM  

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