Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Sunset 11/11/10

This photograph was taken at sunset in Crystal Beach, our home and one of Mark's favorite locations to take pictures. The day was 8/23/06, and he had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Our smiling faces are deceptive because there was an air of fear and uncertainty of what the future held. He didn't know how much time we had left together as a couple. I am so grateful that he was given an additional 4 years, 2 months and 19 days to live after this moment was captured.

Although Mark's life post-diagnosis was filled with surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and countless side effects, he was able to have some enjoyable experiences as well. One of his favorite outdoor pastimes was riding his trusty "hog" as he called it - a shiny red recumbent tricycle.

Besides having me as his caregiver and wife to keep his spirits up, Mark had his beloved cat "son" Karl as a constant and loyal companion. They were kindred spirits. Both battled disease with strength and dignity at such an early age. Sadly, Karl could not bear to witness his Dad's decline, and he preceded Mark in death by just 13 days. Now the two of them have reunited and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The sunset is behind them, and better things are to come. We mortals that are left questioning why can find some solace in the belief that my two precious boys are watching over us. They patiently wait until the day we will all be together again.