Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/27/10 - Health Update

"We're in real pickle, George!"

That's a quote from one of my favorite movies... As a bonus, comment and leave what you think that movie is! [Bonus disclaimer: no reward other than the satisfaction of identifying the movie, :) ]

Well, I've been in "real pickle," for the last month! Short story, I fell down and broke my my upper humerus (shoulder), leaving me with one usable hand, my left one. I started another course of Radiation Therapy, and then had severe lower back pain. The worst pain that I felt was fifteen out of ten, even on pain killers!

Besides that I had had (still there) excessive hiccups and they increased my pain in at least two ways. First, they hurt a lot! The jolt from them affected just about anything connected to my thoracic compartment (torso). They felt like being stabbed in the back, and being hit in the lungs with a cattle prod! The hiccups also occurred throughout the night, causing acid reflux (more pain) in throat.

So, I had lower lower back surgery last Thursday to help alleviate my pain, which is slowly getting better.

The pain pills have NOT helped me, so to alleviate their dreaded side effects, I have stopped taking them. In other words, I would rather deal my pain, then deal with with their side effect... Really! :)

I'm currently still on radiation and chemo treatments. My pain has improved slightly, but now, I just have to wait and tolerate the pain. Lucky me! :)

Comments and Emails are very much appreciated, but don't expect me to reply anytime
soon! :)

I updated my calendar, too!