Wednesday, May 26, 2010

05/26/10 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly... Part 2

Wow! So many comments referring to Clint Eastwood's movie (started by Carson), I just had to put-up a poster from the original movie...

Movie Poster

Maybe I should paste my face over Clint's? Not now, too many other things to do! Although I do need to see that movie again...

Hmmm... I've had two medical appointments yesterday and today. I will get to posting about them, hopefully tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010

05/20/10 - MRI Images (aka - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly)

Posted 5/24. Before I go on, here are images of basic spinal anatomy (thanks, Wikipedia). Hopefully they will help you identify the areas of the spine that I am referring to. The letters/numbers are standard Medical Terminology (aka Doctor Speak) that determine specific vertebra in the spine. Again, click on ANY picture to enlarge it.

Basic spinal anatomy

Last Thursday, I had MRIs taken at Moffitt. I have basically been having them done every two months to track my disease for the better part of the last year. This time was special, though. I got to see the results of radiation treatments to my T5/6 tumor on my spinal cord. The results (shown below) were great! The radiation seems to have completely eliminated that tumor! :)

The Good - Radiation seems to have eliminated this (T5/6) tumor!

The "good MRI image" shown above was an exception to the other MRI images... The next one showed that my L4 "lesion" was getting worse, and there may be a lesion starting to grow on my L2 vertebra. :(

The Bad - L4 lesion and potential "growing" lesion on L2

In the next MRI Image, I have labeled the five areas that are "not so good." They are all visible in the image, except for the potential L2 lesion which is shown above. No wonder my lower back hurts! 8(

The Ugly - A lot of activity is going on in my lower spine

So what's next? I am going to meet with my radiation oncologist tomorrow afternoon to see what radiation treatments he will recommend. About two weeks ago, he already recommended treating my 3(?) T12 Tumors, I guess I will find out tomorrow what else he may treat...

Some more information about my L4 lesion. It puts me at greater risk of a vertebral fracture. Radiation treatment could increase this risk. I may have to get spinal surgery, even rods implanted in my back, to resolve this problem. Once again, I'll find out more tomorrow. :)