Thursday, May 20, 2010

05/20/10 - Moffitt Post

Aaah! The device I'm using to create this post is difficult for me to use... Waiting to have MRI scans performed at Moffitt. I will try to add more when I get home... 2 reasons - I don't know when I might be called, and I am not used to this device! Oh well... :)

**** Begin PC Edit ****
That "device" was my Nokia N810. All the features of a more intelligent cellphone (smartphone), but it only has wi-fi, NOT cellular service. Like the Apple iPhone without the phone (it can make internet phone calls). I think it is better than the iPhone, because it doesn't have a proprietary operating system, and every "app" that I have seen is free... I bought it to learn Linux, but it's small size makes it hard for me to hold and type on it. I still like it though, and many people (including me) say that it beats the iPhone... :)

My Nokia N810

**** End PC Edit ****