Monday, April 12, 2010

04/12/10 - Tiredness...

Snore, zzzzz, snore, huh? I received radiation #10 of 13 about 2.5 hours ago. Before the session, I asked one of my radiation oncologist's nurses if I should feel any fatigue. She basically said that I would experience it, and it would likely occur sooner and have a stronger effect since I have received radiation three times before.

Once again, I was wrong, thinking that only radiation to my brain would cause fatigue. No wonder I have been more and more tired over the last week... Duh! :) Seriously, I have been fighting the tiredness until today. Trying to resist it, but then succumbing to naps. I will resist tiredness no more for the next few weeks!

In summary, my latest thought (true or not) - naps are medically necessary for me at this time! :)