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06/22/10 - Ride, Radiation 5.16

Started 6/27. Seriously, I want to post more often to keep readers interested, but I have many other things to do. So, I will try to post about something at least once per week, hopefully more often! See, I already went rogue :), The true (post) date is now July 4th! As you can see from the above note, I started this post a week ago..

On Tuesday, 6/22, I went on a trike ride for fun and exercise and to visit a local business, Britton's Archery. Unfortunately, Britton's was closed when I got to it, because it has limited hours. A good reason to call before you go, especially if you are riding a bicycle/tricycle on a very hot day. No worries - I was going to ride my "hog" anyway...

My ride as a GPS track, 7.1 miles

So, I decide to head home sort of early, but I wanted to explore other businesses located along Alternate Route 19 (Alt 19), especially restaurants! I hadn't eaten lunch yet, and it was around 1:30PM. I just wanted to sit down and eat casually somewhere...

I stopped in at a consignment store because they had a 3-wheeled jogging-type of baby stroller on the sidewalk in front. I just mentioned in a comment (on the post titled 06/11/10 - Roofing, Riding, Radiation 5.9) "shopping cart" therapy - that pushing a shopping cart stabilizes me, supports me, and helps me walk better. So, I thought a jogging stroller would do the same... As a plus, the one at the shop had a handbrake for the front wheel, and "parking" brakes for both rear wheels, aditionally it folded-up. I was going to fabricate (make) one, but this one had a fair price, so I bought it.

My attempt to tow the jogging stroller

At the time, I only had a bungee cord in my rear basket - so, I used it to secure the "jogger." As an extra safety measure, I tied a nylon strap from the jogger to my trike frame. This attempt functioned poorly, whether I attached the jogger's front or rear wheels. The jogger bounced around excessively, and its wheels interfered majorly with the rear wheels of my hog.

Luckily the shop owner had an errand to run, and she said that she would deliver it to my house in her SUV. Phew!

I stopped on the way back to my house at the Chimp Farm and had a quick lunch of an energy bar and some water... The "casual" lunch would have to wait until another day. Surprisingly, I beat the shop owner to my house, but she had stopped at home to pick up one of her kids...

A semi-quick lunch break

Why a jogging stroller versus a walker? They make four wheel walkers with a handbrake and a place to sit if you get too tired. But the tires are too small for extended outdoor use. Hence the jogger. I will use it just to walk for now, maybe slowly building up to jogging (I "ran" in a 1 mile race nearly 2 years ago, needless to say, I ran through MANY front yards to avoid running people over on the street - I was like a 175lb wrecking ball).

My departure ~12:30PM

My return, sweating, ~3:00PM

Radiation 5.16. A couple of hours later, Laura took me to my next to last treatment in radiation series 5. No strange extra happenings, as usual... :)


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