Sunday, April 05, 2009

03/25/09 - Bike Ride

An example of a recent activity that I should have approached differently...

On 3/25, I rode my recumbent tricycle and walked some. All told, about 18 miles. How do I know? I had a GPS with me. My father did tag along with me.

My GPS path

My path is the green line. My origin is at about the right end of the path, and my destination is at the left end of the path. I forgot to put on sun-block, and my forearms and lower legs are still suffering the consequences (peeling now).

I managed to take a few photos along the way.

Kayak Rentals, Dunedin Causeway

Honeymoon Island, my planned destination

04/01/09 - Hospital Tests

This post is going to list all of the tests I've had while in the hospital over the past few weeks. Their results have ALL been positive! End result, it would seem that I need to concentrate even more on my health, try not to be so ambitious, and push items aside that I just can't do while treatment is still ongoing. I need to do less stressful things and try to prevent negative medical episodes from occurring. Hopefully, knowing that the outcomes have been good, I will be able to prevent bad things from happening during my future treatments.

Me in A hospital bed on 4/2/09

One of my doctors stopped into my hospital room the night of 4/1/09. I have previously mentioned that they have to draw off some of my cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) before they can administer Intrathecal Chemotherapy. They look at this sample microscopically for any signs of cancer spread (called a Cytology Report). Usually, I just wait until my next Intrathecal treatment in a month for results, but he knew already, and the results from my 3/19/09 session were negative. Good news #1.

An MRI of my brain taken on 3/10/09

Above are two MRI images of my brain taken on 3/10/09. Although I put red circles around part of the image, they are more historical. That area seems to have some sort of anomaly, possibly some sort of scarification. The scans are otherwise good. Good news #2.

While in the hospital on 4/1, I also received my second EEG (scan down to a nearby post if you would like to see my first one). My EEG was also negative. Good news #3.

An MRI of my spine taken 4/1/09

On 4/1/09, I also had MRIs of my spine taken. It actually takes 3 MRIs to capture images of my entire spine, that's why "MRI" is plural... The red circles in my neck show where the tumor had spread to. Once again, it is gone, first eradicated by radiation treatments, now being further attacked by chemo. Good news #4.

End result, all good tests. I was the boy that cried wolf. As I said earlier in this post, I guess I need to be much less ambitious about other "projects" and concentrate more on my health. Thanks for everyone's well-wishes. I do appreciate them! I will hopefully post some replies soon...