Thursday, April 17, 2008

04/17/08 - Quick Medical Update

I had my blood counts checked this morning and I got the results around 5:00. Would you like to take a guess? Surprise, they were low. I updated the plots at the link to the right, because I had about 5 data events to add since my last blood count update.

To briefly explain the chart, the values toward the right are the newest ones. They are headed downward, as are my counts. Luckily, I can't feel them, but when they get very low, I do feel more tired and have to take certain precautions and some medication.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is what typically happens at this stage of my chemo cycle... Low counts...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

04/15/08 - Transfusion X

Thrombocytopenia - medical terminology for low platelets. I just learned that term because my oncologist's physician's assistant wrote it on my blood counts from Thursday, April 10th. The nurse that performed my transfusion last Saturday stated its meaning. The transfusion went fine, although I did have a few small hives - a temporary allergic reaction.

A unit of platelets.


Saturday, I woke up early (around 6:ooAM). At my transfusion, I was "pre-medicated" with 50mg of Benadryl intravenously, which makes you feel very tired. Laura and I were home around 1:00PM, but had to leave for a friend's birthday party by 3:00. By the time we ate lunch, it was probably about 1:45. At that time, I battled for a couple of minutes to stay awake, but luckily I didn't go to sleep, because I might have missed the party. Strangely (to me), I thought we would have much more time before we had to leave for the party.

We made it to the surprise birthday party at 4:05PM and had a very good time until we left around 7:00. I didn't feel tired at all. Mind over matter...