Saturday, March 22, 2008

03/22/08 - Easter

I'm adding this post because I don't have anything going on healthwise (that I know of). Of course, it's not that my health is completely uneventful, but there is nothing that stands out. I'd rather not bore my audience. If there is one...

So, it's the Saturday before Easter around 3:00PM. It's currently raining what seems to be an "all-day" type of rain. It's about 65 degrees - so much for warm and sunny Florida weather. In fact, we've had a lot of cold weather and high winds the last couple of months. Still nicer than up North, but unlike what the Florida Travel Bureau would like to portray, the weather is not all perfect.

Right now, my brother Scott is driving across the state from the east coast. From his apartment, it is about a 4 hour trip. He was at a friends' house, so it should be a little shorter.

We (Laura, Scott and myself) are going to have Easter dinner down at my father's place about 1/2 mile away. His girlfriend, Karen, is going to prepare the meal, which is good because she is a good cook (especially deserts!).

Tomorrow will be nice, and the weather is supposed to be nicer, although I think we can all do better than the forecasters by looking out the window, or opening a door. We should have all been weathermen - don't get me started about how wrong they are...