Thursday, May 17, 2007

05/17/07 - Chemotherapy

I received my chemotherapy yesterday. For this first week after chemo, I take anti-nausea medication because it has been prescribed and recommended. The first week after chemo is the worst. I've said it before, but I feel better the further I get from my initial chemo dosage - so should gradually feel better over the next 7 weeks.

Like my second chemo dosage of Phase 2 (my last one), my bloodcounts had to be checked the day before (Tuesday) by my PCP, and my Oncologist had to approve my chemo last second. I did see my Oncologist last week, but my bloodcounts weren't up to par then. Luckily, the schedule has yet to slide due to my bloodwork.

Unfortunately, I don't feel my bloodcounts and the chemo drugs effect them negatively. I can (and have) feel my best, yet my bloodcounts may be their lowest. Low counts make me more susceptible to illness and make it harder for my blood to clot if I'm cut. Again, I don't tend to bother with them as I should, because I can't feel them directly.